Renato Cipullo

Timeless and romantic. Elegant and intricate.

Groundbreaking, yet immediately classic; easily recognizable but difficult to replicate, Renato Cipullo’s work is known by discerning clients seeking extraordinary jewelry that reflect their achievements as well as their aspirations.

Renato Cipullo leads a fine jewelry house based in New York, where he exercises his passion for creating the extraordinary. Each Renato Cipullo creation consists of intricate details, elaborate workmanship and the exquisite fashioning of precious metals and stones into wearable works of art.

Renato Cipullo’s creations have been worn by royalty and celebrities, and among an extensive list of private clients globally who regularly commission Renato for the intricacy of his bespoke designs and the knowledge that what he creates is elevated and differentiated from pieces that can be found among more commercial high jewelry houses.

Renato’s work is inspired by themes from the sea, nature, romance, antiquity and the Renaissance, and pays homage to his roots in Italy. This close bond between the icons and the imagery, stories and lore of Rome and Naples, permeates his collection.

Carrying on a tradition from generations of jewelers, Cipullo’s work has long ranked among the most respected and admired in the trade. Before Renato assumed the mantle of leadership, his father, Giusseppe, advanced unique methods in jewelry manufacture that revolutionized the Italian jewelry industry in the 1950s. Renato’s work also invokes the rich legacy of his brother, the late Aldo Cipullo, creator of the iconic Cartier Love Bracelet. Designer Renato Cipullo continues to steward the brand in keeping with the family’s traditions and uncompromising design principles.

Renato’s daughter, Serena, is the next generation of Cipullo artists to continue to carry the rich family tradition forward in close collaboration with her father. From a young age, Serena was surrounded by her father’s gift and passion for creating artistic jewelry pieces. Growing up, she developed an unconditional love for art, which inspired her to pursue formal studies in art history and architectural studies. Serena grew up between the US Virgin Islands and New York, which presented aesthetic contrasts that have influenced the way she thinks about design. Today, Serena is partnering with her father to introduce the brand to a new generation of discerning collectors.